Orthogonal16. Contemporary Space. Varna. Bulgaria.Curated by Georgi Dimitrov. 2017

Mondrian for Space Travellers, with children. Orthogonal16. Contemporary Space. Varna. Bulgaria. © Judith Duquemin 2017

Liberty Series # 1 & 2. Acrylic on Linen. 2017, with Patrick Morrissey, Hanz Hancock and Escoffet. International Concrete. Marcela Jardon Gallery. Barcelona. 2017

Schism # 1- 6. Exhibition.'Mining Pyrite'. © Judith Duquemin 2017

Judith Duquemin. Schism # 1- 6. Exhibition: 'Mining Pyrite'. Curated by Nick Vickers & Cassandra Hard Lawrie. Newington Armory Gallery, Sydney Olympic Park. © Judith Duquemin 2017. Photo Anke Stacker.

'ATCG Reproductions' & 'Mondrian for Space Travellers'. Exhibition-Orthogonal 16. nonsofia, curated by Georgi Dimitrov. © Judith Duquemin 2017

Exhibition-Orthogonal 16. nonsofia,curated by Georgi Dimitrov. © Judith Duquemin 2017

Wide 'Mondrian for Space Travellers' & 'ATCG Reproductions' Installation View.Orthogonal 16. © Judith Duqemin 2017

Triptych Paintings for reconstruction (Blue, Yellow, Red). Acrylic on Canvas. 2011. Cite Internationale des Arts. Paris © Judith Duquemin 2011

Icosahedral Compositions 1,3,&6. Exhibition. From Centre. Curated by Slate Projects & Saturation Point. Loud & Western Building, London © Judith Duquemin 2014

'Fingerprints# 1-8. Acrylic on Canvas. 30 x 40 cms. 2009. Exhibition. ArmoryX09, curated by Mimi Kelly. Collection-Artbank.© Judith Duquemin 2009

'Mondrian's Genes'. Acrylic, canvas, bamboo, plinth. Group Upstairs. Vyner Studios. London. © Judith Duquemin 2010

Section. 'Mondrian's Genes'. Acrylic, canvas, bamboo, plinth. Group Upstairs. Vyner Studios. London. © Judith Duquemin 2010

Designs for Earthlings. Mop Gallery, Sydney. © Judith Duquemin 2007

ATCG Matrix. 2009 Hazelhurst Art Award. Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Art Centre, Gymea, NSW. © Judith Duquemin 2009

'Bundy Series'. Exhibition - 'Madeleines'. H&D Contemporary Art Space. Sydney. 2008. © Judith Duquemin 2008

'Untitled - Coral Coast Series. Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris. © Judith Duquemin 2012

Coral Coast Series #1&2. Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris. © Judith Duquemin 2012

Blonde Series. Exhibition. 2004 Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Travel Artist Scholarship. SCA Galleries, University of Sydney. © Judith Duquemin 2004

'Spectral Trapezoidal Ico-sitetrahedron'. Exhibition Drift. Curated by Judith Duquemin & Anke Stacker. Articulate Project Space. Sydney 2013.© Judith Duquemin 2013.

Integrity# Exhibition. Judith Duquemin University Gallery. University of Newcastle. Aus. 2007.© Judith Duquemin 2006

Permutations. white china objects, veneer and board. 3m x 10 m. Exhibition. 'Ground Up', Artspace, Sydney. 1999. © Judith Duquemin 2017. All rights reserved.

Judith Duquemin. Reconstructed Painting- Red. Projection. Exhibition Drift. Articulate Project Space. Sydney. © Judith Duquemin 2013

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