judith duquemin_copyright 2022_painting for reconstruction no 9_acrylic on canvas_60 x 80 cm


Dr Judith Duquemin

Structural Systematic Painter

Code-Defined Geometric Painting

Contact: judith@judithduquemin.com



Judith Duquemin is a structural, systematic painter with an interest in neuroscientific discourse pertaining to arts continuing role in the study of human perception in the 21st century. Duquemin creates striking, dynamic, geometric, hardedge paintings and digital graphics using researched models of geometric code that produce an alternate math for the construction of multidimensional form...reinforcing a general definition of code as being: a system of rules responsible for converting information into other forms. Her non-periodic geometric codes generate angles that produce irregular grids,…grids convert to planes, then 3D structures via a preference for minimal palettes. Self-modifying geometric patterns support an experimental approach to practice which enables Duquemin to override habits of flatness, orthogonality, repetition, and symmetry in favour of the employment of an open ended systematic approach. The result is an estimate of form in a perpetual state of flux. New theory in the science of mind states that the brain sees percepts that liken hallucinations, not images, which are deciphered in terms of perceptual, cognitive, affective, and sociocultural significance based upon the subject’s memories, emotional responses, and the role of mirror neurons that help to shape the brains best understanding of the origins of sense data received. The acrylic paintings/maquettes titled: Series: Parallels and the digital facade design titled: Thirty-Six included above are examples of different applications of geometric code that Duquemin experiments with to address her interest in the subject of dynamic perception. Judith Duquemin is a mid-career national and international artist who has lived and worked in Sydney, Paris, London and Brisbane. She has exhibited and attended residencies throughout Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States and is the recipient of numerous awards to include: a 2001-2004 Australian Post Graduate Award in support of her Doctor of Philosophy at the University Sydney; the 2004 Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Travel Scholarship to Paris; and the 2005 Moya Dyring Studio, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris. Her works are held in several public and private art collections.

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